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About the Deathwatch Project

The Deathwatch WebCrawler was an idea created by Matthew Walker to allow all users of the internet, currently only Win32 or 64 though, to have their own personal desktop WebCrawler.  The vision was as such that a user could simply enter a search term and a home site and let it do its thing.  This vision is coming together, and although version 1 still is a long way off, it is coming together nicely!

Getting the Newest Version

Although we have not released any compiled versions of the crawler, we do have reference and source packages up for download, both through SourceForge's file release system, and the CVS repository.  You cannot download the newest version from this site due to server restrictions, however as we release new packages, they will be updated on this page!

Getting the Source

Because Deathwatch is an open-source project, it has to be to get on SourceForge, you may get the source in a number of ways.  The first, and arguably the hardest is to access the Deathwatch CVS repository, if you know your way around CVS then this is definitely the option for you.  Alternatively, you can download the semi-current source from our project website on SourceForge,

What if I Want to Join

Depends on what you mean.  Of course you can join, submit a support request, request for features, report a bug, or even downloading the source can be considered helping us out.  If what you want to do is join the development team, please note that their are the following prerequisites:  Visual Basic .NET 2003 or higher, .NET Framework 2003 or higher.  If in the case that you do not have these requirements, you can still join our development team as a BETA tester or documentation writer.  Contact Matthew Walker if you have any questions or wish to join the team.

Project Developers

Project Admin: Matthew Walker (
Programmer: Mansour (
Programmer: Ketan Mamtora (
Beta Tester: Max Carlquist (


   -Text Resources
      -Adobe Resource Junk, For The PDF Module
         -As The Title Describes, A Bunch Of White Papers About Adobe Technology
      -Evaluation Of The Standard For Robot Exclusion
         -Some things to think about when designing the Robot Exclusion module
      -Guidelines For Robot Writers
         -Essentially a whole load of nothing, but fun to look through...
      -HTML 4.1 Specification
         -W3C's Usual Big File On An Obsolete Language That Many People Still Use
      -Robot Exclusion Standard
         -The Whole Big Cheese, The Actual Implemented Standard As Of 1994
      -Robot Exclusion Standard v2 RFC
         -The Revised Big Cheese, The Standard That's Not Yet A Standard
      -XHTML 1.0 Specification
         -The Slightly Newest And Greatest From The W3C, Replaces HTML 4.1
      -XHTML 1.1 - Module-Based XHTML
         -The Newest And Greatest From The W3C, Builds On XHTML 1.0
      -XML Reference
         -That's Right, PURE XML From The W3C
      -XML Schema's
         -A Very Useful Description Of A Rarely, I Think, Used Part Of XML, In 3 Parts...

   -Program Resources
      -Deathwatch HTTP Engine
         -Basic HTTP Engine, Basis for Deathwatch WebCrawler engine
            -E-Mail Matthew Walker for the source
            -Requires Winsock2
         -What More Can I Say, The Source Code For The *.ZIP Format... FOR FREE!!!

File Types

Those wishing to know a little about what native file types the crawler uses, please look at this page.


   -Due to the technologies that we are using, we develop testing applications for them.  One of them is the Deathwatch HTTP Engine, another would be the WalkerSoft Installer Bootstrap.  All of these will be released on  If you need support or the source on any of these please do not hesitate to e-mail Matthew Walker.


We are hosted by SourceForge so please give them a visit: Logo

At Current We Do Not Have A WebMaster, But Comments And Suggestions Should Be Directed To Matthew Walker